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Healthy Snacks & Beverages for your business
In mid-2012, the people behind Norman Distribution, a full service food distribution and brand development company located near Chicago ( Elk Grove Village, Illinois ), began tossing around the idea of creating a division focused on distribution snacks to healthy vending machines and micro-markets.
The company knew of the stale state of the vending industry, but, more importantly, the company knew that they could step up to the challenges it presented.
The first and biggest challenge being to meet consumer demand for healthier snacks and beverages that were both great tasting and affordable while being healthier, all-natural, allergen friendly, organic, Non-GMO, USDA Smart Snacks In School ( SSIS ) approved, or gluten-free, etc….



Healthy Vending Machines is Just the Beginning.

HealthVend distributes healthy snacks and beverages to a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations.  From healthy vending machines to kiosks, HealthVend has been distribution healthy snacks since 2012.  The list of who we service grows daily as the demand for healthy snacks and beverages grows.  Below is a list of our biggest service sectors:

Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machines

Vending Machine Operators

For operators in search of healthy product offerings for their vending machines, HealthVend is the answer – offering both national and local snacks and beverages that are not only healthy but also great tasting and affordable.  Flexible delivery options allow HealthVend to cost-effectively service vending machine operators of all sizes – from the start up healthy vending machine owner to mid- to large-sized operators with multiple locations.

Micro Markets

Small stores that sell fresh foods, snacks, and beverages via a self-checkout kiosk use HealthVend to stock their shelves.  Micro markets are located in workplaces for the benefit of employees as well as in public places such as airports, athletic clubs, hospitals, and hotel lobbies.  Micro markets differ from traditional vending machines in that they are able to offer a greater variety of products – everything from a quick snack to a full meal for people on-the-go.  Similar in layout to a convenience store, micro markets are self-serve, operating without attendants.


Healthy Vending Machines for micro markets

Healthy Vending Machines for schools

School Districts

Healthy snack and beverage options in school districts across the nation are no longer just a want – but a need.  Working with school nutritionists, HealthVend can act as both the school’s sourcing and buying company – supplying healthy snacks and beverages for the schools to sell & provide in their vending machines, cafeterias, breakfast and after school programs.


Hotels, Corporations, Municipalities and Other Government Organizations

HealthVend provides hotels, corporations, municipalities and other government organizations with healthy snacks and beverages that support their various health initiatives.  HealthVend provides healthy products to these organizations for resale as well as for use in government-subsidized & employee discount programs.

Healthy Vending Machines for businesses

Healthvend is helping us achieve our goals through it’s outstanding service, quality product line and aggressive pricing.

-Mark Vend Company



Proud distributors of:



HealthVend is committed to seeing its food and beverage brands grow, and offers a number of marketing services to help them do so:

Website Design

  •  Modern design techniques
  •  Optimized for tablet and mobile viewing
  •  Search engine optimization
  •  Website traffic reporting

Digital Storefronts

Allow for full automated sales processes

For consumers

  •    Individual products for sale
  •    Accepting all major credit cards
  •    With payment deposited directly into your bank account

For retailers and sales reps

  •    Special pricing for bulk ordering made accessible only to registered users
  •    Easy reordering options
  •    POs and invoices linked directly to your QuickBooks

Social Media

  •  Creation, management, and growth of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  •  Custom posts delivered daily

Email and Texting Campaigns

  •  Building opt-in lists targeting people who visit your website or social media pages
  •  Sending out emails and texts for special announcements and offers

Creative Services

  •  Rebranding and repositioning
  •  Label and/or package design

Marketing materials design

  •  Print Materials
  •  Online Sales and Marketing



Submit Your Brand for Review:

HealthVend is always seeking out new brands of healthy snacks and beverages – both emerging and existing brands.  HealthVend provides a great opportunity for developing brands and launching them into marketplaces nationwide – a great opportunity that requires a big commitment that starts out with a thorough consultation of the brand, its potential, and a strategy for reaching that potential.   Do you have a brand of healthy snacks or beverages that you want HealthVend to consider?  If so, click here to submit a brand portfolio, including nutritional information, distribution pricing, and marketing materials.