Not bad for a young company.

We just got a peak at the October 2013 issue of Vending Times, the industry’s leading news source, and were tickled to see the name HealthVend on the cover. Obviously, we knew we were going to be featured, but had no idea we’d get a call-out on the cover and a really cool spread inside. Featured in their prestigious “In The Distribution Pipeline” section starting on page 20 (and online at, the article discusses our unique approach and value proposition for vending operators and micro markets.

We’d like to thank Emily Jed of Vending Times for her beautiful write-up, Eric Lutterman of Health-E Vend for his input, and Patrick Meyn of HealthVend for wearing pants in the photo.

We’ll post a copy of the article here as soon as it’s available for you.

– – — —

UPDATE: Here’s the full article.