Wholesale Healthy Vending Distribution Made Affordable

In mid-2012, the people behind Norman Distribution, a full service distribution and brand development company located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, began tossing around the idea of creating a vending division.  The company knew the stale state of the vending industry, but, more importantly, the company knew that they could step up to the challenges it presented – the first and biggest challenge being to meet consumer demand for healthy snacks and beverages that both tasted great and were affordable.  This proved to be an easy challenge to overcome because Norman Distribution was already working with a number of healthy snack and beverage brands eager to make their way into vending machines.  With the first challenge overcome, HealthVend was created, specializing in the distribution of healthy snacks and beverages to the vending industry.

Aggressive Pricing and Flate-Rate Shipping

HealthVend drew on Norman Distribution’s knowledge to build a fulfillment system that not only would meet the needs of large vending operators but also would meet the needs of the entrepreneur starting up their new healthy vending and/or micro market business.
HealthVend utilizes mixed-product pallets, flat rate shipping, and flexible delivery schedules – for whatever, wherever, and whenever fulfillment that meets the needs of any operator.  Further, HealthVend offers consulting services to all of its vendors – ensuring that they understand what products will work best in their market and will provide them with aggressive margins.  HealthVend also leverages Norman’s brand development knowledge – acting as a brand incubator, partnering with both emerging brands and existing brands – a partnership that includes both thorough consulting and facilitating exposure for products to marketplaces nationwide.

An Industry Leader

HealthVend has positioned itself as a leader in the healthy vending industry.  In addition to working with vending machines and micro market operators, HealthVend now also works within school districts, large businesses & government organizations to assist in their initiatives for healthier snacks and beverages and corporate wellness programs.


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